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Back-end Development

Back-End Development Course

Learn digital visual effect, motion graphics and Animation

Learn Back-End Development Course in Vadodara, with a focus on PHP and MySQL, gaining hands-on experience in constructing dynamic web applications. Learn the intricacies of PHP, a versatile scripting language, and delve into MySQL, a powerful relational database management system. Join us in Vadodara to unlock the potential of PHP and MySQL, paving your way to a successful career in backend development.

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    Learn Back-End Development Course in Vadodara and Gain Skills

    • Learn PHP's role in web development.
    • Install and configure a local PHP development environment (e.g., XAMPP, MAMP).
    • Grasp basic PHP syntax, including variable declaration and usage.
    • Explore different data types (string, integer, float) and operators for data manipulation.
    • Learn PHP conditional statements (if, else, switch) and loops (for, while, for each).
    • Understand the creation and use of functions for code modularity and reusability.
    • Master the manipulation and iteration of arrays, a crucial data structure in PHP.
    • Develop skills in handling form submissions and processing user input.
    • Learn to read from and write to files using PHP for data storage and retrieval.
    • Understand fundamentals of databases, MySQL features, and installation on local machines or servers.

    Course Content

    • Overview of Back-End Development
    • Importance of Back-End Development
    • Introduction to PHP
    • Setting Up PHP Environment
    • Basic Syntax and Variables
    • Data Types and Operators
    • Control Structures
    • Functions
    • Arrays
    • Forms and User Input Handling
    • File Handling
    • Database Connectivity
    • Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) in PHP
    • Sessions and Cookies
    • Error Handling and Debugging
    • Security Best Practices
    • Web Services and APIs
    • Introduction to Databases
    • Introduction to MySQL
    • Setting Up MySQL
    • MySQL Data Types
    • Creating and Managing Databases
    • Creating Tables
    • Inserting Data
    • Retrieving Data
    • Updating and Deleting Data
    • Database Relationships
    • Indexes and Constraints
    • SQL Joins
    • Aggregate Functions
    • Stored Procedures and Functions
    • Transactions
    • Overview of Descriptive Statistics
    • Methods for Inference
    • Testing Hypotheses
    • Conducting Regression Analysis
    • Methods of Gathering Data
    • Refining Untidy Data
    • Managing Absent Values
    • Techniques for Data Transformation
    • Conducting Exploratory Data Analysis
    • Varieties of Charts & Choosing Appropriate Ones
    • Tools for Visualization
    • Creating Interactive Dashboards
    • Principles of Data Aesthetics
    • Crafting Compelling Narratives with Data
    • Foundations of Supervised Learning
    • Approaches to Unsupervised Learning
    • Essentials of Neural Networks
    • Regression and Classification Techniques
    • Metrics for Evaluating Models
    • Introduction to the Hadoop Ecosystem
    • Overview of NoSQL Databases
    • Methods for Data Ingestion
    Back-End Development MySQL PHP

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    A Backend Development Course is an educational program focused on teaching individuals the skills and technologies required to build and maintain the server side of web applications. It covers programming languages, server management, database connectivity, and the development of application logic that enables communication between the front end and the server.

    Yes, backend development offers a rewarding career. As businesses increasingly rely on web applications, the demand for skilled backend developers remains high. Backend developers play a crucial role in building the functionality, security, and performance of web applications, making it a sought-after and financially rewarding career path.

    Becoming a backend developer presents varying levels of ease depending on individual aptitude, prior experience, and dedication to learning. While it may pose challenges, especially for beginners, with commitment and consistent effort, mastering backend development is achievable.

    Yes, backend development is in high demand. The need for robust server-side functionality continues to grow as businesses expand their online presence. Skilled backend developers are vital for creating scalable, secure, and efficient web applications.

    Backend developer salaries vary based on factors like experience, location, and the industry. On average, a backend developer can earn a competitive salary, often above the average in the technology sector. Salaries may increase with experience, expertise in specific technologies, and contributions to complex projects.

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