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Data Analytics Training Course _

Data Analytics Training Course

Data analytics converts raw data into actionable insights. It includes various tools, technologies, and processes used to find trends and solve problems using data. Data analytics can shape business processes, improve decision-making, and foster growth.

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    What Will You Learn in Data Analytics Training Course - No Coding Required

    • The course provides the complete preparation you need to become a data analyst.
    • Acquire a big-picture understanding of the data analyst role.
    • Learn beginner and advanced Python.
    • Study mathematics for Python.
    • We will teach you NumPy and pandas, basics, and advanced.
    • Understand different data types and their memory usage.
    • Learn how to obtain interesting, real-time information from an API with a simple script
    • Clean data with pandas Series and DataFrames.
    • Complete a data-cleaning exercise on the absenteeism rate.
    • Expand your knowledge of NumPy – statistics and preprocessing.
    • Master data visualization.
    • Learn how to create pie, bar, line, area, histogram, scatter, regression, and combo charts.
    • Engage with coding exercises that will prepare you for the job.
    • Practice with real-world data.
    • Solve a final capstone project.

    Course Content

    • Understand the significance of data analytics in business.
    • Explore the data analytics process and its key stages.
    • Learn about data collection and various sources.
    • Dive into data cleaning and preprocessing techniques.
    • Introduction to Microsoft Excel for data analytics.
    • Learn data import and formatting in Excel.
    • Master basic formulas, functions, and data visualization.
    • Explore advanced Excel features for efficient data analysis.
    • Introduction to data structures.
    • Explore arrays, lists, dictionaries, sets, tuples, and DataFrames.
    • Understand working with structured data.
    • Learn SQL for data analysis.
    • Introduction to relational databases.
    • Explore SQL syntax, queries, filtering, sorting, joins, and aggregations.
    • Understand data manipulation using SQL.
    • Introduction to Python and basics.
    • Install Python and IDEs for data analytics.
    • Explore Python syntax, variables, and control structures (if, loops).
    • Understand functions, modules, and file handling in Python.
    • Control Structures (if, loops)
    • Functions and Modules
    • File Handling in Python
    • Explore NumPy for numerical data in Python.
    • Engage in final projects applying learned concepts.
    • Build a portfolio showcasing your data analytics skills.
    Critical thinking and problem-solving Data cleaning and preprocessing Data mining Data modeling Data visualization Machine learning Predictive analytics Programming languages and tools Statistical analysis

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Data analyst salaries vary in India! Experience plays a big role. Freshers might see ₹4-5 lakhs, while mid-level analysts (2-4 yrs) can earn ₹6-8 lakhs. Senior analysts (5+ yrs) with strong skills command even higher salaries (₹8+ lakhs).
    Data analysis unlocks hidden insights. It involves cleaning, examining, and interpreting data to answer questions, solve problems, and inform better decisions. Businesses use it to understand customers, optimize marketing, and improve efficiency.
    Data analysts bridge data and actionable insights, skilled in data acquisition, cleaning, and analysis. They use statistical methods to identify trends, translating complex data into clear reports and visualizations for informed business decisions across functions.
    The best data analytics course for you will depend on your current skill level, experience, and goals. At eCare Upskill Institute, we offer a range of courses from beginner to advanced levels. The Business and Data Analytics course is designed for those with a basic understanding of data analysis who are looking to enhance their skills and deepen their knowledge. The Data Analyst course in Vadodara is specifically tailored to the needs of those working in the area, enabling them to quickly gain the skills and qualifications they need to excel in the field. these courses provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge to become successful data analytics professionals.
    Data Analytics courses are courses that teach students how to use data analysis to identify trends and patterns in data sets. They cover topics such as database management, data mining, machine learning, data visualization, and statistical modeling. Students learn how to interpret data and use it to make informed decisions. eCare Upskill offers a data analytics course with job placement, providing students with the skills and knowledge needed to make a successful career transition into data analytics.
    Yes, data analytics is a very good career choice, especially with the right training and qualifications. The eCare Upskill Institute offers a data analytics course with placement or data analytics training by experts, which can help you get started in this field and give you the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed.
    The four types of data analytics are:
    1. Descriptive Analytics
    2. Diagnostic Analytics
    3. Predictive Analytics
    4. Prescriptive Analytics
    At eCare Upskill Institute, we offer a full-fledged Data Analytics Course with Placement and Data & Analytics Training. This course covers all four types of data analytics, providing you with the necessary knowledge and skills to become an expert in the field.
    The scope of data analytics is vast and can be applied to many industries and fields. eCare Upskill Institute offers a data analytics course in Vadodara that provides a comprehensive look into data analysis, including topics such as data collection, pre-processing, analysis, visualization, and more. The course structure typically includes lectures, hands-on exercises, and a final project. The course is currently offered offline Training and can be taken at your own pace.

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