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Web Development Course

Learn PHP to create dynamic websites and applications

Transform your coding prowess with our Web Development Course at eCare Upskill. Enjoy 1-on-1 expert-led training and immerse yourself in 100% practical, project-based learning from day one. Enroll Now.


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    Learn Web Development Course and Gain Skills

    • HTML: Structure and semantics for creating web pages.
    • CSS: Styling and layout techniques to make your websites visually appealing.
    • JavaScript: Programming fundamentals for creating interactive and dynamic web content.
    • OOP Concepts: Object-oriented programming principles for efficient and modular code.
    • Core PHP: Server-side scripting language for building robust web applications.
    • WordPress: Content management system (CMS) for developing websites without extensive coding.
    • PHP Laravel Framework: MVC framework for creating scalable and maintainable web applications.
    • Responsive Design: Craft websites that adapt seamlessly to various screen sizes.
    • Web Accessibility: Ensure inclusivity by implementing accessible design practices.
    • Version Control (Git): Manage and track changes in your code collaboratively.
    • Database Integration: Connect your web applications to databases for dynamic content.
    • API Integration: Incorporate external services and data into your web projects.
    • Security Best Practices: Implement measures to protect your websites from common vulnerabilities.
    • Debugging and Troubleshooting: Acquire skills to identify and fix issues in your code efficiently.
    • Deployment Strategies: Learn how to deploy your web applications for public access.

    Course Content

    • Overview and Importance
    • Careers in Web Development
    • HTML Basics and Semantic Elements
    • CSS Styling, Layouts, and Responsive Design
    • JavaScript Fundamentals, DOM Manipulation, and Events
    • Basic Frontend Frameworks (e.g., Bootstrap): Components and Customization
    • OOP Concepts: Classes, Objects, Inheritance
    • Core PHP Programming: Syntax, Form Handling, File Operations
    • Installation, Configuration, and Customization
    • Theme Development and Plugin Integration
    • Introduction to Laravel and MVC Architecture
    • Routing, Controllers, Views, and Eloquent ORM
    • Responsive Web Design: Media Queries, Flexible Grids
    • Web Accessibility: ARIA Roles, Best Practices
    • Version Control with Git: Basics, Branching, Merging
    • Database Integration (MySQL, PDO): Design, SQL Queries
    • API Integration: Consuming and Creating RESTful APIs
    • Security Best Practices: XSS, SQL Injection, HTTPS
    • Debugging and Troubleshooting Techniques
    • Server Configuration and Hosting Options
    • Deployment Workflow Best Practices
    Agile software development CSS Debugging and troubleshooting HTML JavaScript Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) PHP frameworks and libraries PHP programming language Problem-solving and analytical skills Relational databases and SQL Server-side scripting Version control systems (e.g. Git) Web development concepts web server administration Writing efficient and secure code

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    Sharad Sahoo


    I am the CTO at Ecare Upskill with extensive experience in PHP, Python, React, and NodeJS. I lead the development of cutting-edge software solutions that meet diverse client needs. As your mentor, I'll support you throughout your journey, offering guidance to help you grow professionally and technically. Let's take the next step in your career together.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    This course is suitable for beginners and intermediate learners interested in mastering web development. It caters to individuals aiming to build a strong foundation in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, WordPress, and Laravel.

    With eCare Upskill you will get 1-on-1 expert-led training with 100% practical project-based learning from day one.

    No specific prerequisites are required. Basic computer literacy and a passion for coding are beneficial. The course covers fundamentals, making it accessible to beginners while offering advanced concepts for those with some programming experience.

    Yes, a certificate of completion will be awarded to participants who successfully finish the course. This certificate recognizes your commitment and proficiency in web development.

    The course covers HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, WordPress, Laravel, Git, MySQL, API integration, and more. Participants will gain exposure to a range of tools used in the industry for efficient web development.

    Absolutely. The course includes hands-on projects and real-world applications to apply the skills learned. These projects are designed to enhance your portfolio and showcase your proficiency in web development.

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